VSim Update Dec 1st 2017

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There was too much change towards the game itself. Normal abilities, for example, drifting on the AE86 are not able to be done as new chassis was introduced and replaced in a short amount of time. Cars the the Lamboghini Egoista are no longer stable and the most luxury cars as it has it's priced dropped by $4,000,000 and has speed reductions which removes the importance of this car as it could originally do 330mph and now, updated, only does 270mph and crashes into nothing on flat road. Power sliding is no longer possible. Race track has lost it's importance. Racing groups are now starting to disband because of this current update (as of December 1st, 2017). Driving itself will have to be relearnt which results to players leaving for other games, for example, Ultimate Driving or Greenville Beta.

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