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A petition to Mathmos for entire new lava lamp models

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Mathmos: The lava lamp collectors of the world feel it is time for an entire new models of lava lamps.
The Fluidium was the last new model of lamp released by Mathmos. That was 15 years ago.

This is a petition from Mathmos lovers around the world to please ask the company to consider engineering entire new models.
We feel that Mathmos is the only company to bring the quality of lamp that true collectors demand.
Please consider making new models in various sizes, including something as large as the Lunar.
We feel the lava lamp community is willing to pay the extra money that is involved in producing a larger lamp.

We look forward to seeing what Mathmos has to offer its valued customers in the future.
We feel it is time for Mathmos to develop new models of lamps in various sizes.

Thank you for considering our petition.
Please sign below if you would like to see new Mathmos lava lamp models.

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