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bring back gsce dance in leasowes!

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My name is vickie and i go to leasowes highschool based in halesowen. Im in year 8 so this year i had to pick my gcse options. i chose BTEC dance. ive been dancing since i was able to stand and dance is my escape and as a 13 year old girl, i need an escape. dance has been my passion since forever. today i was told i could not do dance for gcse anymore because we were ONE person short of a class. ONE! Students obviously chose this as they want a future within the field, my schools throwing away students futures because we were one person short. they said its due to budget cuts however they can afford a brand new Astro Turf and a 3 story cafeteria. they cant throw our futures away this easily. i understand this is only one school but dance is being pulled from gcse all over the nation! dance is an important subject. it shouldn't become a dying subject. i want dance to be brought back in all schools and for it to be offered in gcse everywhere!i understand it wasnt stopped to affect me personally but it did, ive been dancing for so so so so long and its everything to me. although leasowes may not know it, they are dragging my dreams and future from under my feet and at this point im landing face first. no matter how little the group is, young people should be given the opportunity to express themselves creatively.Dance is a complex subject and ive worked so hard to get where i am now , so please help me.. please help me make this happen!!dont forget to sign and share!

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