Equal treatment for bisexuals at Match​.​com

Equal treatment for bisexuals at Match​.​com

December 22, 2019
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Started by Erin Lyndal Martin

I am a single bisexual woman seeking a lasting relationship. Only after purchasing a subscription to Match.com did I realize the site has inadequate options for bisexual subscribers.

The popular dating site Match.com has easy options for single and gay people to browse profiles. Yet, bisexuals are still discriminated against and forced to endure unnecessary hassle if they wish to browse both sexes. 

Until a 2014 expose,, Match required bisexual subscribers to pay for two subscriptions—one to browse men and one to browse women, saying only they “knew it wasn’t ideal.”

After the expose, Match relented and stopped charging for a second profile. Yet, no other progress has been made. 

Still in 2019, when you sign up you must choose a woman or a man. You cannot mark both. If you wish to view both, you must email Match customer service declaring your orientation, and they will permit you a free second profile. 

That’s right. You can’t use the same profile to browse both men and women who meet your criteria. Even  though your biographical details are the same, you have to juggle two profiles. 

Curiously, Match also owns OKCupid, and on that site you can search simultaneously for men, women, and genderqueer individuals. Clearly, this company possesses the technology but not the decency to treat its bisexual subscribers like its straight and gay ones. 

In signing this petition, you are letting Match know that this discriminatory behavior is unacceptable and they need to make their site just as accessible for bisexual subscribers as straight and gay ones. 

The goal is for Match to implement a simple checkbox allowing members to see both men and women, and to interact using a single profile. 

In 2014 they showed decency in removing the extra fee, but they have yet to do more to make millions of bisexual individuals feel they have a place on their site at all. Because how can you find an honest relationship if you can’t be yourself?


This petition made change with 31 supporters!

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