One Fit For Purpose Indoor Stadium for the Matamata Community

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Matamata needs a fit for purpose indoor stadium that meets the needs of the community now and in the future.
We are opposed to the council using ratepayer's money to rebuild Headon Stadium (they are knocking it down and rebuilding it - only keeping the floor).  The proposed Headon Stadium upgrade is not a long term solution - the stadium isn't big enough to support the needs of the community.  This then leads to either
 a) Matamata being stuck with only a one court facility if the council won't approve another facility to be built as well
b) Another stadium being built which would result in additional costs and we would end up with 2 stadiums to maintain rather than just one.

Now is a time to take a big picture look at what is best for the town as a whole both now and into the future and direct the funds into one, fit for purpose, modern, 2 court indoor stadium.

With private funding being made available for a fit for purpose, modern 2 court stadium along with Sport Waikato's strong preference that the community only has one facility we have an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for the community.
We strongly urge the council not to proceed with the Headon upgrade and use our ratepayer money to get on and build one new fit for purpose stadium for the community.