Change Wasilla High’s School’s Mascot With Respect For Our Indigenous Students

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Please join us proud Wasilla Warriors, alumni and concerned citizens in demanding that the current mascot of the Wasilla “Warrior” (wearing an appropriated Native American headdress, not even remotely Alaskan) be REMOVED and REPLACED with a more appropriate “Warrior” figure that doesn’t make a mockery of sacred Native American and/or Native Alaskan traditions. The key word here is RESPECT. If our school’s public image affects even one Indigenous student negatively, then we aren’t doing our jobs as educators. And this mascot had negatively impacted many over the years.  
We ask that Wasilla High School and the Mat-Su Borough School District consult local Native Alaskan organizations directly in the process of making this change, and to adopt a NEW Warrior mascot without any harmful cultural appropriation or racial caricature. 
Those of us born and raised in Alaska know firsthand that there are MANY ways to be a Warrior, and honorable competition (in sports, academics, and the arts) requires RESPECT, INTEGRITY, and INTELLIGENCE. The current mascot at Wasilla High School conveys the opposite of those core values. Our students deserve better. Our community deserves better. Wasilla High School can be better - NOW.
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