Masterchef AU Grand Finale should be a nation-wide public holiday

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Hardworking people need time off now and then.

The Masterchef Australia Grand Finale Public Holiday would be a day to spend with family and friends and celebrate our country's love of the show.

For the last 2 years record numbers of our population have viewed the annual series of Masterchef, simply enjoying quality time with family and friends, or spending the unbearable end of the week - Friday and Saturday - in desperate wait to see what vivid suit Matt Preston will be sporting next. 

Australia sits together as one nation at 7:30PM every night to see which of the contestants will burn their recipe this time, or who won't put their parfait in the blast chiller early enough to have it set by the end of the challenge. 

Australia is one of the top 10 culinary capitals of the world and what better time to spend with loved ones than the day before the Grand Finale of the national cooking show.

Masterchef is not just a reality TV show, it is also a culture, that has spread across the globe, and we have no greater love for anyone than our love for George, Gary and Matt and their devotion to this show. These three judges have led the way in bringing people together for over 9 years.

That's no small thing. In fact, it deserves a public holiday for us all. Every year.