We Need to Stop Interest Rates on Consumer Credit Card Debt.

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During this Covid 19 quarantine many Canadians have lost their jobs, or been forced to stay at home. They have suffered with reduced or no income. However, their credit card companies continue to charge them 20% or more on their current credit card debt. Currently, the Bank of Canada rate is only .75%. The credit card companies continue to make huge profits on the backs of Canadians, which will result in numerous personal defaults and hardship. We request that these banks voluntarily give Canadians a minimum 6 month reprieve on their credit card debt during this unprecedented quarantine period. If the banks and credit card companies choose to not act, we request that our parliamentarians enact legislation to stop all credit card interest during this period. 

My name is TJ or Taras Machula, I'm a mortgage broker working with people who are forced to refinance their homes to meet their basic food and shelter needs. We need to address the consumer debt crisis before this becomes a personal financial crisis. Please join me in adding your name to this petition so that we can pressure these credit card executives and members of pariiament.