The revival of 1.7.1

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Pappadopolis Horton
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The impact that The Division game has had on the online gaming community has still not diminished! Despite the release of the second series, Tom Clancy's The Division still continues to see quite a good amount of traffic in it's servers. As a gamer who has devoted a significant amount of time and had a lot of really good times with the game, I can personally say that the game has definitely seen a lot of success. Ultimately, what drew the most traffic to the game was the release of patch 1.7.1, a patch that allowed players to shoot and heal at the same time and which rewarded players for being both tactful and evasive with their play style. After having reached out to a lot of the seasoned veterans of the game, I noticed that a lot of them desired the same thing, the revival of patch 1.7.1, and thus I figured what better place to post this than As a means of bringing back those joyful times and lasting memories of 1.7.1, I have personally decided to create this post on behalf of all of the people who feel the same way that I do about The Division Patch 1.7.1. My goal is to reach over 100,000 petitions in the hopes that the developers will see this and show us that our dreams aren't just dreams :)