Mental Health Services, not just Armed Guards at Massapequa Schools

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To the Massapequa Board of Education,

We the undersigned are against using armed security in or at our schools without a complete plan and additional mental health support services. Arming guards is a last resort after every other option has been exhausted. We want to proactively address the underlying causes, rather than react to the results, by adding more mental health professionals in all of our schools. Armed security is not included in the budget for the 2018-19 school year and should not be reallocated from any of the other agreed upon budget lines.  

Massapequa leads Nassau County in drug overdose deaths. Every resident has a risk of overdose at .042%.  In 2018 to date, the chance of being killed or injured in a school shooting is .0000326%. In 2017 the chance of being killed or injured in a school shooting was .000012%. The new security committee only met for the first time on May 30, 2018. They barely had time for introductions. There are many discussions to be had and options to be explored, such as but not limited to, added mental health professionals, substance sniffing dogs, aggressive anti-bullying programs, more supervision on the playground, safe rooms, automatic locking doors, and increased support staff.  

We need to do more to fight the mental health issues and drug problems here in Massapequa. By treating the underlying causes of drug abuse and school violence, we can actually decrease the risks of both overdoses and shootings.  

Massapequa School District has an existing security team that is second to none. We live in a county with an amazing response time and action from our police. We need to provide our existing security with more resources to work with NCPD and the district and building administrations to improve our existing practices.  

We need a comprehensive discussion to explore ALL options before choosing one reactionary response.

PLEASE DO NOT ARM SECURITY GUARDS IN MASSAPEQUA SCHOOL DISTRICT until we have a comprehensive plan in place.