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Massacre of Christians in Nigeria - Demand that the State Department Condemn the Horrific Incident


Christians have been brutally massacred in Nigeria almost a week ago and we have heard nothing from the Office of the Spokesman in the State Department.

The LA Times Reported: The victims of Sunday's sectarian massacres were buried in mass graves in central Nigeria on Monday as survivors told horrific stories of Christian villagers being trapped in nets and hacked to death by Muslim herdsmen.

Reports on the death toll differed wildly, with some placing it at about 200 and others reporting 528 killed and thousands injured. Casualty figures in the recurrent Muslim-Christian violence in Nigeria's volatile Plateau state are often difficult to ascertain, as each side inflates its losses.

However, attacks in January and on Sunday have left at least 500 dead, making it the worst violence here for some years. [...] The killers planted nets and animal traps outside the huts of the villagers, mainly peasant farmers, fired weapons in the air, then attacked with machetes, according to human rights lawyer Shehu Sani of the nongovernment Civil Rights Congress, who visited the villages and interviewed dozens of survivors.

Seeing as there is no way to email the State Department, we have decided to start a petition. It is time that we hear condemnation from our representatives.

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Letter to
The President of the United States
I am writing to you because I am appalled, horrified and saddened by the recent mass murder of Christians in Nigeria. Just a few days ago hundreds of people were mutilated and tortured with machetes and eventually slaughtered.

However, when I look on the official State Department website, I see no mention of this horrific incident. Where is our government in condemning this most awful act of violence? The people who were murdered in cold blood were murdered solely because of their faith.

After 9/11 other countries such as Canada outstretched a hand and helped us. In Haiti and now Chile we see people from around the world coming together to help. We cannot stand by when people are brutally murdered because of their beliefs.

I am writing to ask that the State Department puts out a press release acknowledging this horrific incident and condemning it. This is an opportunity to show the world that America does not stand idly by while people are murdered for their religion.

Thank you in advance for acting accordingly in response to this letter.

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