Special Needs Children Deserve Proper Treatment. Support the Shawnie Bill.

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The Team Shawnie Advocacy Group is asking for your support to stop inhumane practices on our children and adolescents with special needs and also provide their right to a non-abusive quality of life while receiving a proper education. Find out what really goes on in our mental health care system along with the challenges that families face to get the proper education and treatment for their child/adolescent with special needs. The need for Bill HD.358 - The Shawnie Bill to pass is eminent in order to stop this type of inhumane practice that thousands of children/adolescents and their families face every day.

The podcast series, The Journey - Shawnie Bill HD.358, (now available to the public by clicking here) is a 6 part mini-series based on true events & documented incident reports which expose the neglect and abuse that our son Shawnie went through to get proper treatment and education. Once this bill becomes law, this type of inhumane treatment will end for the thousands of other children & adolescents that continue to live through this on a daily basis.

At a glance, Bill HD.358 is an Act that ensures the appropriate and timely payment of residential service placement for children deemed to be a safety risk. This essential Act has not become law yet and we will need your help to get it enacted into law.