Fight for the Rideshare Drivers Bill of Rights!!!

Fight for the Rideshare Drivers Bill of Rights!!!

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Join Us and Support Our Rideshare Driver Bill of Rights

  1. $20/hr Plus Expenses
  2. Right To A Flexible Schedule
  3. Cap On New Drivers
  4. No Unfair Deactivations
  5. Right To Surge Pricing
  6. Freedom From Passenger Harassment
  7. Fair Share of TNC Taxes
  8. Right To Unionize
  9. Right To Job Security
  10. Right to MA Employee Benefits

What is the ‘Rideshare Drivers Bill of Rights?’

The Rideshare Drivers Bill of Rights (RDBR) includes a $20/hr minimum wage plus expenses, protection of drivers’ flexibility, and the right to form a union. Based on Seattle, we estimate that gross pay for this minimum wage will be around $29/hr! 

The RDBR also calls for drivers to receive 50 percent of any state taxes on Uber and Lyft, to have protections from passenger harassment, from arbitrary deactivations, and the right to dispute deactivations. If passed, the bill will raise millions of dollars for a driver deactivation center, scholarships for drivers, grants for electric vehicles, as well as funding for affordable housing and public transportation. 

The RDBR calls for drivers to enjoy the same worker rights that other Massachusetts workers are entitled to, such as paid sick time, overtime, and paid family leave, but it does not call for rideshare drivers to be classified as employees. Massachusetts already has its own version of California’s AB5 (MGL Ch. 149 S 148b), which was passed in 2004, so there is no need for a new law.

Much of the RDBR is based off of the successes of Teamsters Local 117 in Seattle, Washington. Uber drivers there were recently able to win a $16/hr minimum wage, plus expenses, which will equal about $25/hr gross pay. This represents a $6/hr increase in drivers pay in that city. BIDG is pushing for an even higher minimum wage; even $16/hr is not enough to support a family in Boston. BIDG is also pushing for $25/hr plus expenses for XL-classification drivers, and $30/hr plus expenses for luxury-classification drivers.

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40 have signed. Let’s get to 50!