Outlaw Conversion Therapy in Massachusetts

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Today, I watched a video about conversion therapy, which is targeted at people from the LGBTQA+ community to convert them from gay to straight. There is a girl named Alex Cooper from Utah, who was sent so that she would no longer be gay. She was forced to carry rocks in her backpack to feel the "burden" of being gay and was forced to face a wall for hours each day by another couple that her parents gave her legal custody to. She attempted to take her own life and thankfully survived. This has been a reality for nearly 700,000 Americans, of all ages. At the end of the video, it listed the states that have banned conversion therapy, and I was shocked and disguisted to see that the state I live in hasn't banned the practice yet. I'm from California originally, and they have banned it. While Massachusetts was the first state to legalize gay marriage, we still haven't illegalized conversion therapy and so it continues to be something that teens and others in the LGBTQA+ community in Massachusetts (and other states around the nation) have to struggle with. 

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