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Massachusetts Postal Service: Slow the flow of junk mail

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We 4th and 5th graders have been doing work to help the planet such in a project called the Catalog Canceling Challenge at school. We have saved 954 trees by canceling thousands of unwanted catalogs over five years. Many people don’t look at the catalogs. Some people do, but very few do. Also, people must cut down trees to get the waxy paper for a catalog. I have seen lumberjacks cutting the trees and they basically just drive a truck over trees and they can kill many at a time. WE should use our resources more wisely. Overall my main points are that we should take care of our earth and catalogs don’t really get looked at, so we should slow the flow of them.

This is a petition and a compromise (money) that is put in words. Maybe people could pay 5 cents to the USPS not to have any junk mail delivered to their homes. If say 2 million people do this, the USPS would gain 100 thousand dollars and those 2 million people will have less junk mail.

Junk mail is very wasteful to the environment. 19 billion catalogs are mailed every year, and that is only half of all the junk mail. That also means that there’s 53 million trees cut down every year. The more trees that are cut down, the more carbon dioxide in the air. That happens because people breathe out carbon dioxide, and trees are supposed to use carbon dioxide to photosynthesize to make energy for themselves and oxygen for animals. Now that we are cutting down trees, there aren’t enough trees to take in all of the carbon dioxide. So we’re left with a lot of carbon dioxide building up everyday. The carbon dioxide has a special attribute so that it can trap heat. The more carbon dioxide in the air, the more heat is trapped and the planet slowly grows warmer, this is global warming. If we stop sending out so much junk mail, we can help save trees, reduce energy waste which leads to more pollution, and stop global warming.

Also, think about future generations. People would want to have their children have a bright future, so why do we lay waste to the planet? We are far from getting to a new one, so we, the writers of this petition, will have to pay for your poor actions. People should start being more careful about sending out almost useless junk mail.

Junk mail isn’t useful because most people don’t look at it. Instead, most people look on online sites like twitter. My mom does public relations (for a job) and she always tweets about her new company, not sending out pounds of junk mail. There is also the newspaper. Tons of people read the newspaper (either online or in paper). It would save trees, water and electricity to not sending out extra junk mail.

By Jack, George, and Vikrum

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