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Massachusetts: Pass an opt-out law for catalogs and junk mail

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If most people don’t want junk mail and catalogs, then there is no point of giving the mail out to them. It wastes trees, water, and energy everyday because most people just throw it away or recycle it. This wastes tons of our natural resources every day. The energy that is used to make the junk mail could be used for more important things, and its pollution also adds to global warming.

Do you want global warming? Global warming is making a huge impact on the earth. And not a good impact! Junk mail is a small part of global warming, so maybe by solving this problem we will live happily ever after like in all the stories!

213,000,000,000 pieces of junk mail are sent out per year in the USA, according to The Today Show! That’s a lot of junk mail, and a lot of wasted materials that we are going to need in the future. We should use our resources for things that are more important than junk mail. So do you want to waste these materials?

Basically, the paper that is wasted on junk mail has a huge effect on the earth. This causes global warming. We want less global warming and more Earth saving! If you help us maybe the global warming conditions will go from bad to better! We don’t want them going from bad to worse! If you don’t want to help, it is alright, but the more signatures the better!

Junk mail comes from paper. Paper comes from trees. We get our oxygen from trees, and trees are also some animals’ homes. But we are wasting the trees. Global warming is hurting the earth and we don’t like it. This is a way to help. So you can help.

by Charlotte, Jamila, Mikayla, Nicole, Sydney, and Claire

PS - We are also hoping Taylor Swift will help our cause because she has done so much to help the earth and people.

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