Justice for Corinne Comperchio Flynn

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Gerald Craffey raped and brutally murdered Corinne Comperchio Flynn by stabbing her 6 times. Corinne was a single mother who suffered from multiple sclerosis and weighed no more than 90 lbs. On the night of August 25,1991 Craffey, a family friend, used a ruse saying he needed to use the telephone in order to make his way into Corinnes home in Hyde Park.

For four years after that heinous act Craffey helped Corinne’s family search for the murderer. He watched as the family was torn apart going to fundraisers; even helping hang signs for any tips about Corinne’s murder.  Craffey frequently visited the family at their home in Roslindale where she grew up.   He watched as the family suffered not knowing why or who took their beautiful young daughter, sister and mother from them.  Before being caught for Corinne’s murder Craffey was a suspect in an attempted kidnapping as well as 2 separate sexual assaults all taking place in the Parkway area.

In 1995 After relentlessly investigating the  Boston Police cold case squad were able to link Craffey to the crime. A year later Craffey agreed to a plea bargain of life in prison with the possibility of parole after 15 years offered by the District Attorney.  Corinne’s mother reluctantly agreed to the plea deal because she did not want to put her family, especially Courtney now being 14 years old  through a long drawn out trial which would relive all the pain and anguish. She believed there was no way anyone would grant parole for such a horrific crime.

To release a monster like this into the public where he would be free to stalk his next victim would be a mistake that only hurts the public. Craffey is not just threat but he is a predator, his prey are small frail women who cannot defend themselves.

Corinne’s family will never get to see her again, her grandchildren will never get the opportunity to meet her.  What Craffey did not only destroyed a family but his acts have and will affect that family for generations. This nightmare will never end for the Comperchio/Flynn family. They repeatedly go before the parole board every few years and relive all the heart breaking details in order to keep this monster behind bars.

Please sign this petition and help make sure this animal never walks a public street again. Help prevent another family from having to live through a nightmare that never ends.