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Get Government issued Health care to provide I.V.F for women who can't carry naturally.

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I would like to help our women whom have had unfortunate issues that led to them being unable to carry a child naturally. Unless you have top notch health insurance that specifically covers I.V.F, your government plan WILL NOT COVER in vetro fertilization. It is the right of every women blessed enough or not to carry child. It is in fact what makes them so special and god like. To tell a woman she cannot carry child is simply saying your not worthy and stripping them of their womenhood. This must change and now, we must take a stand and give our women the right god intended them to have. The gift of creation. All women as well as men should be allowed to breed into the next generation for bloodline purposes and to live on through our children when were long gone. To be remembered and to feel that gift of love. We as men do not choose who we love, you women choose us. And in return you bless us with the greatest gift of all. So falling in love with a woman whom cannot carry child means you will not have a true family. It mean you have been cursed before it started. Yes, you will grow together but leave no true mark. You will not fulfill gods intentions and will always feel inadequate. please help support this cause. its the best one ever. I need your help. And remember, it might not apply to you now but it someday might, or perhaps to someone you hold dear to your heart. 

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