Petition update

Final Appeal Sent to NMFS & DMF

Amesbury, MA

Aug 25, 2012 — Another request to remove Ocearch from the Massachusetts permit was submitted today based on:
-Ocearch record of foul hooking white sharks
-Duplicate study- post capture stress research
-Potential to compromise the overall population
-Success on Pacific coast using long term minimally invasive methods
-Endangered species request for Pacific white sharks
-New source of funding
Long term research using minimally invasive methods provides valuable information. Using the Ocearch vessel and techniques for a two week period does not create enough additional value to overlook the risks to the white shark. Dr. Skomal’s research work will not be significantly impacted by revising the permit. With the continued use of local boat captains and pilots, coupled with community supported funding through a newly established non-profit, the DMF and NMFS can continue to manage, conserve, and protect white sharks without harming this valuable and vulnerable species.


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