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Save the lives of millions of wild animals before its too late

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Each day, approximately one million animals are killed due to improper highway safety measures. Highways and roads cause severe cases of isolation, inbreeding, and decrease biodiversity which can wipe out entire populations of animals. Accidents caused by wildlife also account for about 1.1 billion dollars in car damages to everyday people like you. Wildlife accidents can also kill people while driving, and account for over 200 deaths annually. The next death caused by a wildlife accident could be you or a family member.  These killings are senseless and can be stopped with a solution that has already been proven successful, not only around the world, but right here in the United States as well. What I am introducing is a wildlife overpass that can be easily built over any highway or route. It stretches the width of the highway and does not interfere with any driving which means that your commute would not only be safer, but it would not be negatively impacted. In Banff National Park Alberta, Canada, 22 wildlife underpasses and two overpasses have reduced roadkill by 80 percent! It has also been successful in Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, New Jersey, Montana, and Washington State. Your signature could be the deciding factor between life and death for animals as well as innocent people. Your commute will be safer and the animals will be safer too. Tell the MassDot Highway Division to do their jobs and make our road systems safer for everyone by constructing overpasses and underpasses for wildlife.

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