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We want the DESE to enforce Special Education Laws

March 31, 2013

Experienced parents and special education advocates know that school districts often do not comply with regulations or best practices for learning disabled children.

We hope that oversight by appropriate state agencies will protect learning disabled children when school districts fail, and we hope that the same state agencies would work toward improving all districts’ compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Unfortunately, our hopes are not always realized.

A case in point comes from Hudson, MA. The experienced parents from the Hudson Special Education Parent Advisory Council (PAC) asked Program Quality Assurance (PQA) to investigate Hudson Public Schools inappropriately using the term “SPED staff” on IEP service delivery grids (link to Hudson Complaint and letter with attempts to correct the problem ). PQA found Hudson out of compliance (link to PQA findings).

When Hudson PAC parents asked PQA to have Hudson correct all affected students’ IEPs, PQA refused, citing an “undue burden” on Hudson (link to PQA response).

We then asked the Mass. Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to educate districts by issuing an advisory on the matter (link to PDF of letter to Mittnacht). Unfortunately, DESE did not respond.

Parents are essential in developing appropriate special education programs for their children. Compliance with laws and best practices will help to ensure the civil rights of learning disabled children and to habilitate them.

Sign our petition and Join the experienced parents of Hudson SPED PAC ( and SPEDWatch ( in asking the DESE to enforce SPED laws and to improve all districts’ compliance with SPED Laws.

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