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Termination of employment for substitute teacher Andrea Robertson

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Said substitute has since been removed from the school.. The principal and assistant principal have been removed as well. Aryel is doing great, thanks for the support :)




I'm asking for the termination of Andrea Robertson's employment at the Athol Community Elementary School aka ACES. This is due to ongoing bullying, carried out by herself, on my child as well as others. This complaint was brought to the school principal first, who promised she would no longer substitute for my child's class. Two days later, she was in my daughters class substituting. I'm currently waiting for the school superintendent to " investigate " However, it's a staff members word against elementary kids. And we all know how that goes.

My daughter had complained about Mrs Robertson on a few occasions, she stated that she was mean when adults were not around. I was then told that Mrs Robertson would tell my daughters classmates that their coloring sucked. My daughter used to bring a stuffed puppy to school but stopped when Mrs Robertson told her that only babies brought stuffed animals to school. The fact that Mrs Robertson was mean to kids and liked to pick on them wasn't the only reason my daughter feared her. My daughter witnessed her intoxicated at a local liquor store, making faces and sliding her face against the liquor store door. We happened to be picking up an order at the pizza place connected to the liquor store. This only added to her fear of her.....

My daughter now throws fits and cries while getting ready for school, she was even allowed to check her classroom before she went in, just to make sure this substitute wasn't there. She's fearful that her teacher will be absent and she'll have Mrs Robertson as a substitute. She's also been known to threaten kids who don't get along with her daughter, I know of one little girl who still has the sorry picture Mrs Robertson colored, after being mean to her.

The school told me that they've had no complaints pertaining to Mrs Robertson, I made a post on Facebook and found out that there has been MANY complaints made. I have personal messages from people I have never met, who were promised the same thing and in some cases, their complaints were swept under the rug. I was also told that I should feel lucky as this favor of not having her sub my daughters class, is never done. We'll it's been done for other families, same substitute, same complaints.

I had a meeting with the superintendent, she assured me that this person would no longer sub my daughters class. However, she'll still remain in the school and still be able to bully other kids, before and after her. If someone would have done something years ago, my daughter wouldn't have been put in this position, as well as other kids. Given her lifestyle and past involvement with DCF, I don't feel she should be given the right to care for anyone's kids. It needs to end with my daughter, and she must be removed, no kid deserves to go to school in fear.

For those looking for proof of other complaints, I cannot give names as it is not my place, however, please feel free to look up Athol/Orange 100% Uncensored, on Facebook. In this group you'll find dozens of complaints for this substitute. Also, on this petition you'll find more complaints below under " Join The Conversation " I do not know this person personally, so this isn't a personal matter. I'm just speaking up for MY kid, and that's my right as a parent..


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