Start Legal Pot Sales in Massachusetts Now!

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Massachusetts voters voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in November 2016. The state legislature and the rest of state government has delayed the implementation of legalization through bureaucratic red tape and ineptitude.  The legislature delayed the start date for legalization, doubled the tax approved by ballot initiative, and set-up a cumbersome bureaucracy... the one thing our legislature is actually good at other than corruption. A Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission was created; the state Treasurer, authorized by law, named the chairperson. She named Steven Hoffman, an opponent of legalization. It was bad enough that retail sales were delayed until July 1, 2018, but that date came and passed, without any way for Massachusetts residents to purchase pot legally. Between the legislative red tape and the CCC's foot-dragging, there is not one retail store selling recreational marijuana in the entire state. Many people are now predicting that it will be months and perhaps some time in 2019 before the bureaucracy grants all the necessary licenses and permissions needed. Only public pressure will get the Massachusetts bureaucracy to stop its foot-dragging and intentional incompetence.