Stop the UMass Amherst purchase of Mount Ida College

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University of Massachusetts President Marty Meehan has once again demonstrated his disdain for the entire UMass Boston community. This time, by defending the opportunistic purchase of Mount Ida College. The justification for this action, provided by Mr. Meehan, is a desire to "provide a clear path to degree completion for most Mount Ida students," a helping hand which he has repeatedly refused to extend to the students of UMass Boston. 

Despite numerous appeals for assistance, UMass Boston has been left to struggle under the burdens of inherited debt and failing infrastructure. In addition to this historic neglect, there is the current strategy to purchase Mount Ida College to offer Boston based experiential learning opportunities to UMass Amherst students. This plan will draw on internships and externships that UMass Boston students have come to depend on as a part of their education. Moreover, UMass Amherst students already have an avenue to access these Boston based opportunities through the UMass exchange program. This program allows any UMass student the option to study at any UMass campus, and is beneficial to all campuses.

The purchase of Mount Ida College represents nothing more than a continuation of efforts to maintain UMass Amherst as the Flagship campus over UMass Boston which has for years been treated as the unwanted step-child of the UMass system. Marty Meehan’s support for the purchase of a private college over investment in an established UMass Boston campus is unconscionable and must be stopped.