Overhaul the Public Transportation System in South Boston

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Overhaul the Public Transportation System in South Boston

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The residents of South Boston (Southie) are hard working professionals. They work long hours and sacrifice a lot of their hard earned money to live in the neighborhood they love. Unfortunately, the transit needs of the community have long been neglected by both the neighborhood's elected representitives and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA).

In the past several years residential demand has skyrocketed in Southie. As a result there has been explosive population growth. Single familiy homes have been converted to 3 condos units. Any empty space has been replaced by massive resendential buildings up and down the streets of our neighborhood. The MBTA has done nothing to cope with this change. Their excuse has been a lack of resouces, even as they raise fares. The result is a total lack of dependibility forcing residents to rely on car services such as Uber to ensure they get to work on time. Inbound during rush hour, #7 buses are typically full by the 4th or 5th stop and subsequently pass the majority of the stops on the route. I have been passed by 6 full #7 buses. It typically takes me over 30 minutes to go 2 miles on the #7 bus. Often it takes over 45 minutes to go the 2 miles. Outbound, riders at Summer Street are often passed over as the buses are completely full after their first stop. During winter, people are standing in dangerous cold and/or snowy weather for unreasonable amounts of time. This is unnacceptable!

Off-hours and weekend transportation are equally bad with buses typically sometimes coming once an hour. Buses do not follow any schedule in Southie and typically come at random times. The knock-on effect is a continued reliance on personal vehicles which are ultimately leading to issues with traffic, parking and the environment.

The MBTA is directly responsible for many of South Boston's problems and they are only getting worse. These issues will soon reach a tipping point if something is not done soon. It is clear that our politicians have no interest in helping to relieve the transportation pain felt by almost every resident. I ask that the people of the great neighborhood of South Boston sign this petition and show how many people are negatively impacted by the incompetence of our public servants.  

The people of South Boston demand drastically improved public transportation. 


1. Drastically improve the #7, #9 and the #11 bus route service during rush hour. Enough buses must be put into circulation that all bus stops are serviced fairly. Riders should not be passed over due to overcapacity. Today's service is completely unacceptable. 

2. Improve off-hours and weekends bus routes for the #7 and #9. Most people in South Boston do not have the luxury of being within walking distance to a subway. For many people the bus is the only public transportation available. It is vital that buses come at a more regular and higher frequency. 

3. All bus routes currently on E 4th Street should be moved to East Broadway. 

4. Buses must keep to their published schedules, including rush hour. 

5. Near real-time performance statistics must be made available to the people. Currently the only bus metrics provided by the MBTA are stale by 2 years. This is not helpful, especially when you consider the rapid growth in our area. 

6. Consider route optimizations. For example, the #9 bus route around the Broadway stop is completely inefficient. 

7. Move the #7 Summer St. stop closer to Atlantic Avenue. There is no logic to having the stop at Summer St. and Dorchester Avenue. Almost all riders work in the direction of Atlantic Avenue and are made to walk a long distance unnecessarily. 

8. Convert our buses to the Silver Line concept. Consider using longer accordian-style buses to increase capacity. 


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This petition had 375 supporters