Petition Closed

I would accept that there was a mistake in part of McDowell Mohun Bagan AC during the Derby and would like if you kindly reconsider the punishment thinking of the large fan base of Mohun Bagan and their emotions.

Letter to
All India Football Federation Praful Patel
Myself, a passionate and dedicated football fan of Mohun Bagan club, sincerely apologize to the AIFF for our officials refusing to continue with the derby last December 9th , 2012 and henceforth, appeal that the ban be revoked and Mohun Bagan allowed to play in the I league. The quantum of punishments be reflected in form of a life time ban on the general secretary, finance secretary and entire football division managers of the club from being associated with any Indian football related activities, heavy fines slapped on them to be paid out of their personal funds, so on and so forth without inflicting any penalties detrimental to the heritage institution that is Bagan and causing immense grief to millions of fans associated with the club.

Agreed that the officials did the unthinkable in gross violation of Article 22c of the AIFF constitution and against the spirit of the game, while we truly appreciate your commitments to inculcate a greater degree of professionalism in the way the sport is run in the country, it would be very kind of you if you can also show some sympathy to the cause of millions of Bagan fans for whom, life just would not be the same without being able to see Bagan on the pitch