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Update: This week a friend told me to look into changing my BMC plan for another. Upon researching this and talking with Mass Health Connector, I found I could change plans and therefore get the doctors I need. I was not aware of this and neither did BMC Health Net let me know that it was an option. But the fact remains it is an easy process and not restricted to limits. When the student is ready the teacher appears!

It will entail some extra work to arrange rides from Amherst to Boston through Mass Health's available transportation service non  the less, so good to report that some goals have been met. I await hearing from my senator's office about returning to Commonwealth Care. Again thanks to all, Rev. Julianna

Update; I want to thank the many healthcare employees and public servants, legal advisors,  friends and colleagues who have been working to the best of their ability, to assist me to get the best possible outcome for my needs. These individuals have answered my long phone calls; listened with patience and undestanding; given me encouragment and are advocating for the changes I seek. Amends for any short temper experiences they may have encountered, I am truely blessed to know that they are putting in countless hours to help me and many many others. They come from the Hospital Systems; the political systems and legal supports and many other places. Blessing on you all..   Rev. Julianna


Massachusetts is often spoken of as having the best hospitals in the world, especially in Boston, it's capital. Mass Health is the name of Medicaid in Massachusetts and though I have been diagnosed with both cancer of the uterine lining and non small cell lung cancer with metastases to bone and liver, I am in very good health over all for a woman of 63 years and yet, have had reasonable prior authorizations refused to receive the premier medical care that others with money to spare get when they come from all around the world to Massachusetts for treatment, as a matter of routine. This includes the prestigious and well-advertised Dana Faber Cancer center, which takes Mass Health but not without a prior authorization. One is destined it seems to prove oneself worthy of advanced cancer treatment.

It also includes the famous Beth-Israel/Deaconess Medical Center's outstanding gynecologic oncology department along with its best physicians, of which I chose a team of two, which are well educated in cancer research and both are on the list of covered providers along with the hospital to receive Mass Health payment, but Mass Health denied me access to them stating I had to go to Boston Medical Center which does not have the same caliber program of treatment.

Also due to an apparent misdiagnosis in the original and only biopsy for the uterine cancer, possibly life saving treatment for the lung and bone cancer was delayed for at least 3 mos, as I was not given the corrected diagnosis as soon as the probable error was discovered. I did not get it until an Emergency Room visit - and then mostly by chance.

Mass Health asks customers to choose a provider to dispense healthcare. Mine is Boston Medical Center Health Network one of the few that is accepted in the Western part of the state where I live. Because I had worked, I had this coverage under their subsidized Commonwealth Care Plan from 2009 to Feb 17, 2012 until an arbitrary decision downsized me to coverage under Mass Health Essential, a very limited plan. This happened just as cancer treatment costs were beginning to rise. It took Health Law Advocates of MA. to get me back to coverage under Mass Health Standard, considered the gold, but still not as comprehensive as Commonwealth Care. Little did I know that I was going to be mainlined for treatment to the Boston Medical Center; left without choice, and would have to sacrifice quality and advanced care in order to cover this medical center's growing fiscal deficit.

Please tell Mass Health to give me and all cancer patients equal access to the quality health-care our state is known for.

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