Allow Quincy Public Schools to go Temporarily Remote.

Allow Quincy Public Schools to go Temporarily Remote.

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Superintendent Of Quincy Public Schools Kevin Mulvey and

Why this petition matters

Started by Students Of Quincy

As Covid-19 cases surge in Massachusetts along with new variations being found every day, the safety of students is at risk. 

As of 1/3/22 numerous colleges have even decided to go remote such as notable Harvard University. 

Although these colleges are deciding to go remote, high-schools are not. Leaving the safety of students at risk due to poor following of protocols and some completely disregarding such guidelines. 

This is a call to Kevin Mulvey, superintendent of Quincy Public Schools to temporarily allow remote schooling. Similar to a hybrid model featured previously this would be completely optional for who would like to attend school and others to stay home for their safety. 

It is downright selfish to force children into schools simply because of the stubbornness of refusing to temporarily shut down until cases subdue. Thinking of those with immunocompromised relatives or even house mates at risk living in fear at situations such as these is simply terrible. 

There is a 1:1 Chromebook ratio in place for all students, made in case of a situation similar to ours now. We have access to enough resources to revert back to a Hybrid learning model temporarily. 

Why wait until thousands get sick when we could be preventing such now?

609 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!