The Campaign for the Support of Living Artists

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Buy the works of living artists

dead artists need no money.

 The Campaign for the Support of Living Artists is not about ignoring or denying the artists who are not with us anymore. We believe that art should be supported in any form and manner it is presented. However,the market is more prone to support and promote artists who have passed away and cannot directly benefit from the proceeds of their art.

 As an example, let’s look at the works by Sohrab Sepehri, the accliamed Iranian poet and painter.  His works are now sold for billions of Rials in the Iranian art market. The question is how much is his family’s share from these staggering amounts? What if Sohrab would have received a portion of these monies when he was battling with cancer in 1978-1980? Wouldn’t that help him pay for his medical treatment? Dead artists do not benefit from the posthumous sale of their works.

 Let’s support living artists. Writers, poets, painters, sculptors, graphic desginers and all other creative artists need support when they art alive so that they can create works and develop their art. When they are gone, it is the art dealers and collectors who benefit not the artists.

 The Campaing for the Support of Living Artists intends to beautify the world of living artists.

 Living artists are kindly invited to join our campaign.

 Masoud Amini

(M. Ravanshid)