Pay increases within the SACS departments.

Pay increases within the SACS departments.

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Started by Phil DeGirth

Hi, I'm Phil. I have recently discovered that our paychecks are unfortunately lower then other govermental agencies.. because of this I have had to create this petition to express the dangers and issues we face on day to day duties. 

As a SACS Officer, many of the issues we face can be seen below -

- Dangerous Inmates

- Officers being bashed and attacked while trying to control the gen pop cells.

- Potential firearm injuries - either through loiterers or pt's.

- High Risk PT's that often get hit by dangerous criminals.

As a big example here - Borris and John were kidnapped by gang members yesterday; almost dying to their hands. - As you can see this is a very very dangerous job and I believe our paychecks should reflect that.

Myself and other COs would like to ask Borris and Mason to increase our paychecks permanently to our christmas rates - which would be inline with other govermental agencies such as the EMS.

I also am creating this petition to ensure we are granted Food and Water in our locker storage as other govermental agencies also have gained access too.

After speaking to my fellow CO Officers everyone is on board with a change and I hope the signatures attatched to this petition reflect this..

It seems SACS is being left in the dark, and this petition is to change this! Department of Gustice can no longer keep us as a shadow.



23 have signed. Let’s get to 25!