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Because children shouldn't be discriminated against for being too smart to go to school. My child was told he is too smart to attend pre-school and now he is heartbroken because now he cannot attend. This is discrimination in the foulest sense of the word.

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Governor of West Virginia Earl Ray Tomblin
West Virginia State House
West Virginia State Senate
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West Virginia Governor
state senator Mitch Carmichael
state senator Mike Hall
Let children in school no matter how smart they are. The school system in Mason County screens children to see if they have a delay in certain categories of development. The school district apparently does not allow children to attend school who are too smart. There is sufficient space in these pre-school classes for these kids who are "too smart for school" therefore there should be no dispute as to why he cannot attend. As a society I thought we were supposed to cater to those children whom want and are eager to attend classes. This is a total outrage that this school system can do this to children who want to learn. Thanks to Mason County Schools my son is devastated by the idea that he is "too smart" to go to school. Please take into consideration that not only my son but other children are being hurt not only educationally but socially as well.

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