Mask Optional Kenilworth

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Mask Optional Kenilworth

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Kenilworth - District 38 Board of Education

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Started by Mask Optional

With Friday’s District Court ruling, Kenilworth - District 38 is no longer required to follow State issued mask mandates.  This choice now belongs to our community!

We, the undersigned residents of the Kenilworth School District, petition the Kenilworth Board of Education and Superintendent Donegan to establish a mask optional policy for The Joseph Sears School effective Monday, February 7th. 

Our children have sacrificed for nearly two years on behalf of our community, it is time for that to end and to see their smiling faces in the halls of The Joseph Sears School again!

  • COVID case count in Cook County is down over 85%, and dropping, since the peak in early January;
  • Our children are at extremely low risk of serious illness from COVID;
  • Vaccines are now widely available for children and adults further reducing that risk;
  • Those families continuing to wish to mask may do so.

We stand with families throughout our community who are deeply concerned about the hardships these policies have caused for our children.  The short and long-term harm of forced masking now significantly outweighs the risk of COVID for our children and community.

Our kids deserve the opportunity to be face-to-face with the exceptional educators of our school and to build connections with their classmates unencumbered by face coverings.

Please join us in this important opportunity to stand up for our kids by signing and sharing this petition with Kenilworth residents.

121 have signed. Let’s get to 200!