Masjid e Iranian Reconsider Aqeelul gharvi

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Today this has been declared that Aqelul Gararvi will be reciting Majalis at Mughal Masjid.

The mimbar which had been beautified by Janab Maulana Mirza Athar Sahab.

The mimbar from which we always heard the right messages.

The mimbar from which we have always got answers to all the difficult question raised by hypocrites.

The mimbar which has attracted many people towards shiasasm.

The mimbar which had been a guideline for entire humanity.

The mimbar from where we we have never heard a single controversial statement.

The mimbar which became an Identity for Shia in Mumbai and forced the non Muslims to build positive perception about Shia.

But this is very sad to know that now the person is going to sit there is very controversial, his statements about Azadari had hurt many people like us...I don't want to share a life history about him but a single incident which can put some light on his belief.

"A person asked him whether we should do zanzeer zani or not?

He replied: if your hands are strong and you are free then you should fight with the enemy's of Imam(a.s) rather hitting yourself. Who asked you to hit yourself."

I have never heard such a nonsense reply from anyone. Seems he himself declared Jihad.

Such a low intellectual person will be setting in place Of Mulana Mirza Athar Sahab. It's a shame for us.
If he cannot address a simple straight question then how we expect him to be addressing such a diversified Mumbai audience.

I request to the trusty of Mugal Masjid to re-consider their decision.