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Expand sheep racing at Masham Sheep Fair

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I have felt for a number of years now that there is not enough sheep racing at Masham Sheep Fair. Yes, the sheep fair is a vital cog in the economy of the local rural community which has been taking place for more than 30 years. Yes, it is also a great day out with lots of traditional, harmless family fun not just for local residents but for tens of thousands of visitors who flock to the town every year to witness the fair. Yes, the event helps to educate and inform those not with an agricultural background about sources of food and farming practices. However, it has been apparent for a number of years that the sheep racing is a little, how do I put it, half-arsed. Nobody takes it seriously - everyone is seemingly more intent on having fun and enjoying the spectacle than actually finding out who has the fastest sheep. For that reason we would like to see more sheep racing taking place at this weekend's event, with more thought gone into the organisation. Ideally, medals will be given out and there will be some kind of podium arranged for the quickest sheep.  It would also be good if there was some kind of press centre where the winning farmers and sheep could be interviewed afterwards. And maybe an after-games party at one of the breweries. Dope testing. We definitely need dope testing. And medals. Did I mention medals?  But the main thing is we need more sheep racing, not less. And when I think about it, I'm not that comfortable with the sheep just running after a feed bucket. That's not really racing is it. It's just sheep running a bit. Can they not be forced somehow to run so we get some proper competition? Perhaps they could be fitted with running spikes too. When you think about it, it's not really a race at all. Something needs to change and this petition is our best hope of getting that change.

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