Put Gainer the Gopher in the Mascot Hall of Fame!

Put Gainer the Gopher in the Mascot Hall of Fame!

1,189 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
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Why this petition matters

Started by Greg Moore

There are certain things we tend to take for granted - how incredible our Saskatchewan summers are, the fact that the Leafs will blow it in the playoffs, the fact that We in Saskatchewan will never learn how to properly zipper merge, and of course the worldwide respect for one Gainer the gopher. 

So imagine our surprise when we discovered that the Mascot Hall of Fame was absent of the 45-year-old legend - Gainer the Gopher. Shock. Surprise. Disgust. 

Why does Gainer the Gopher need to be in the hall?

  1.  Consider the fact that  50% of babies' (this is a wild guess) first stuffed animal is Gainer the gopher.
  2. Or the fact that it’s front-page news when he got green contacts. Literally, we’ve never witnessed a fan base more rilled up. 
  3. Have we mentioned that there’s a sign dedicated to him along the Trans Canada Highway marking his birthplace?
  4. Gainer the gopher is synonymous with the Roughriders and the Roughriders are synonymous with Saskatchewan. We believe the Mascot Hall of Fame has a duty to put Gainer in the Hall of Fame that he so rightly belongs. It’s time to right this wrong. 

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1) We've already submitted Gainer's info to the MHOF and now we need to convince the selection committee to put Gainer on the ballot!

2) Once he's on the ballot we'll need to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

So sign your name to this petition to show the Executive Committee that Gainer has the support of the entire province of Saskatchewan and BEYOND!!

1,189 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!