Masco Community supports Diversity & Equality but not Critical Race Theory or Ideologies

Masco Community supports Diversity & Equality but not Critical Race Theory or Ideologies

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Masconomet Community supports diversity and equality but we do not support Critical Race Theory, Social Justice or DEI Ideology.

We are a group of concerned parents asking the Masconomet School Committee to work with parents and students to remove and re-write the newly created anti-racism policy. This policy as written uses all of the critical race theory buzzwords, and clearly states it will be fully implemented across the curriculum. We believe that the focus of the policy should be to treat all students with equality and not allow equity to be determined by the color of one's skin. This petition supports that most of the control of school curriculum ought to be in the hands of the parents and the community, and not in the hands of school committee members pushing their personal political agendas. This petition supports the traditional education of our children and denies any further tax dollars be spent towards the indoctrination of our 2,000+ children.

We believe that EDUCATION MATTERS and the impact of these radical ideologies being pushed on our students will lead to the diminishing academic achievement of our students,  an exodus of students to private school, and a continual downward spiral in the ranking of our beloved Masconomet Schools. 

Any vested parties and stakeholders who are a part of the Masco community, are asked to please help us in stopping this policy by signing our petition.  While most parents and students agree there should be an anti-racism policy, this policy was drafted without a dialogue or input from working parents/ guardians/ community members, and no reasonable access was granted to subcommittee meetings or an opportunity to voice concerns about changes made to policy. 


In the Fall of 2020,  the School Committee created an “Anti-Racism Subcommittee” during a year when our academic ranking plummeted in the state rankings as our students zoomed from their bedrooms or from empty classrooms at Masco. Since October 2020, the Anti-Racism Subcommittee has been meeting at 2pm bi-weekly to hear from strategically selected alumni who have come back to discuss their experiences at Masco. In reviewing their meeting minutes,  they have worked on such topics as discussing changing Masco’s mascot, changing Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s day, and they have asked for input from the Women and Gender Club and ACE (Appreciating Cultures and Ethnicities Club). For most of the year, the meeting minutes reflected that the subcommittee will “continue policy discussion on possibly 3 new policies (Curriculum, Experience, PD).” 

October 21, 2020, during the COVID 19 pandemic during which Masconomet students were being taught remotely, the Masconomet School Committee adopted an “Equity and Anti-Racism Resolution.” Click here to read Masco Equity & Anti-rasism Resolution 

We are alarmed and disappointed that this resolution includes the word equity because the term “equity” in this context is a neo-Marxist term for “equal outcome for all.” A more appropriate word to use is “equality,” which is the familiar term for “equal opportunity” or “equal justice,” which is inherent in our laws and supported by Americans. 

In addition, “embedding diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism in all aspects of education and learning for our students, families, faculty and staff,” implies that a profound change in focus and resources is being planned at Masco, without the knowledge or approval of students and parents. The curriculum at Masco has always included lessons in anti-racism, as it should. The question is: What has happened at Masco recently that is requiring an immediate and drastic reform that includes “all aspects of education and learning?” 

Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity of the school population for 2020/2021 shows that: 90% are Caucasian, 4.5% are Asian, 3.5% are Hispanic, 0.5% are African American. Is the environment at Masco truly racially intolerant and in need of a sweeping change, or is the Masconomet School Committee using this pandemic to follow the woke narrative that is erupting across our nation? 

On December 14, 2020 the ACE (Appreciating Cultures and Ethnicities Club) presented the document below at a meeting with the Anti-Racism Subcommittee. This document was used to draft the Anti-Racism policy and help set standards for curriculum. We encourage all in the masco community to read it, as it shows the true intention of the policy. The full document can be found here: ACE Document

After reading through the extensive, bulleted list of long and short term goals, we have many questions. Some of which are: 

  1. Who is paying for this ongoing, outsourced training?
  2. This training that is “built into the regular school schedule” will cause learning loss in other areas. Who decides what to cut out of the curriculum so that we have time to teach staff and students about DEI everyday?  
  3. When selecting and reviewing books and materials to use in the classroom, is it racist to exclude books "written by a white author, where the main characters are white and where the white characters are the heroes and the black or POC characters are the victims?" (Example: By the ACE definition, To Kill a Mockingbird is a racist book.) 

On June 9th, 2021- The first draft of the policy was provided to the public when the meeting Agenda was posted.

On June 14, 2021 2pm -  Anti-racism sub committee meeting attended by over 30 parents. 

  • Many parents requested that this meeting be moved to a later time (as opposed to 2pm on a weekday) so that working parents could attend.
  • None of the anti-racism sub committee meetings have been held after 5pm, when reasonable access could have been given to working parents
  • Many parents voiced concerns and were chastised by the sub committee members for not attending previous meetings. 

On June 23rd, 2021 -The redline changes were not provided to the public until a few hours before the school committee meeting.  No announcement was given when there was a change to the agenda. It should be noted that the member of the board who made the motion to approve the anti-racism policy moved in May 2021 and no longer lives in the district.

  • Many parents and alumni attended the meeting in person. ONLY Ten parents and 1 school committee member were allowed to read statements to the committee asking them to delay the vote until a public forum could be held to ensure that the voices of parents were heard before any vote occurred. 

The Masconomet School Committee wasted no time in voting on this new policy. Regardless of the merits of the Masconomet Schools, how can elected officials be so oblivious to public sentiment? How can school committee members continue to use their position to push their political agenda? 

Masconomet Schools have dropped in ranking from the top 10 to number 92 in the state in 2020. There is a need and a desire from students, parents and alumni to get back to the time when Masco was known for a high level of academic achievement and competitive sports programs. We are deeply concerned about this new commitment to anti-racism and equity as we know that it will greatly diminish the focus on core education at Masco, education that has already been negatively affected by the  COVID-19 school closures. 

The Masconomet Schools Vision, Mission, and Commitments mention nothing about academic excellence. Academic excellence is the primary point of K-12 education. The petition believes that it is the teachers’ and administrators' job to teach the traditional education that we all agree on and it is the parent’s job to raise our children.  Instilling values and the nurturing of our children is the parent's job, not the job of the public school system.

We believe that the education of our children should not take place in between videos shown in class about Racism, Bias and Prejudice. It should not take place after discussions about White Fragility or reparations. Our children’s education should not be an afterthought in the wake of political activism. The primary goal of the Masconomet Schools should be educating our children, not creating social activists. 

Please sign our petition to show your support for our students

We reject Masco’s Anti-Racism policy as it is written today. As human beings; parents, students and teachers, we believe the effort should be spent creating inclusive classrooms by embracing the dignity and unique personality of each and every student.  We want our students to be empowered with the skills and habits that they need to fulfill their full potential as learners and human beings. Neither the color of their skin nor the “group identity” assigned to them by their teachers, administrators or school committee at Masconomet dictates their potential academically or their value in our society. Being told that it does is offensive and wrong, and it violates our student’s dignity as human beings. We want our students to graduate as educated, confident,  critical thinkers who are life-long learners.


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