Masangsoft Publish A New Global English Version of Drift City Skid Rush !

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Hello We want From Masangsoft a Global English Version of the Game Drift City Skid Rush . So much people waiting For it after  The Server Closing Much Of the Old Players now Plays the Asian Versions And we Dont Understand the Text Because we cant Read Chinese or Japanese most of the Old Players Quit because of this or doesnt Even know that you can Still Play it !

We Still see Alot Potential in the Great Game Drift City Skid Rush 

I think with some Sponsors For Example Oil Companys  the Publisher would  earn alot money the Game have alot Potential To Insert advertising For example the Roof Of the Driver Dome Or the Signs in the City or the Login Screen or the Race waiting Screen Or Loadscreen they can Place there Company Logos in game Anime Design !

I think if you Bring back a Global Drift City English Version and Share the News on Games MMO Sites & Portals and do some news you would get instantly a High Playerbase again !

Pls Masangsoft give Us Our Global Drift City English Version Back We All love this game and want to Play and Understand it again its a part of our Childhood For Us !
Its More than Just a Game For alot People !


Greetings One of The Biggest or Maybe even the Biggest Supporter Of Drift City Skid Rush Vahit


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