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Fire Masai Ujiri NOW- Cancel DeRozan Trade

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DeMar DeRozan is a Raptor, Torontonian, a Canadian. He is our basketball leader on and off the court for Canada Basketball. Even though he's not born here he is a Canadian...he is one of our OWN!! Not one person that knows DeMar would say otherwise. We cannot let this TRADE become official. There must be a way for it to be canceled. We Canadians are all ashamed at Masai Ujiri. He gave up the most LOYAL and HONEST player that has ever put a Raptors jersey on his back. To give up DeMar for ANYONE is STUPID. He gives it 100% all the time for the North. Has always been a respectable human since we drafted him. To trade him for someone who has NO DESIRE to stay and only to leave us in a year makes no sense. Masai must be stopped and FIRED. He has not built a team that can win. He is building a team for failure. We don't understand why he is doing this. We believe he is losing his mind. Recent activity from Masai include...Coach of the year...FIRED...Best player in Franchise history...TRADED?? We Canadians believe that Greg Popovich has inappropriate pictures of Masai with some bear in the woods that he was going to release unless this trade happened. THAT MUST BE THE REASON!! DeRozan has always said he wanted to spend his entire career in Toronto and twice eschewed any serious look at free agency to remain with the Raptors. He sits atop or is right close to the top, every significant statistical category for the Raptors franchise. 

We The North are asking everyone to sign the petition to cancel this trade and FIRE Masai and have him deported to Antartica immediately for punishment. Upon deportation, he must go into Buffalo, New York and fly on a U.S airline, as we do not want him using our Air Canada planes as he might try to negotiate a deal with them to sell it to Trump somehow. If he must leave through Canada he can fly out of Hamilton and use Swoop airlines. We are willing to pay Swoop extra to fly a plane anywhere he wants in the U.S. (Except Hawaii and Alaska). Then he can go to Antartica from there. 

DeMar...don't worry buddy. We...The North are going to do what we can to make sure this does not happen. Plus San Antonio is boring, it was the first city with swine flu in the states, gets over 100 degrees and makes your balls stick to your thigs for months...and we hear you can legally kill hookers there. WTF kind of place is that? That's nowhere you want to raise your kids. 







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