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Add Krystal as a playable character in Super Smash Bros for the WiiU & 3DS


------------------UPDATE 4/1/2014----------------------------

Everyone, Nintendo Direct recently announced a ballot to VOTE IN your favourite character you'd like to see appear as a DLC in Super Smash Bros WiiU/3DS! Please take advantage of this opportunity to vote in Krystal as a DLC choice! The more numbers she gets the better her chances are as a DLC! The link to the ballot can be found under here.


Krystal is an undervalued character with a surpisingly big fanbase, who made her debut during the Nintendo Gamecube era in Starfox Adventures. She also appeared in Starfox Assault, also during the gamecube era, which this game happened to be developed my Namco, who also happens to be developing the newest Super Smash Brothers title.

Krystal can fight alongside Fox, Falco and Wolf there should be no need to replace any prexisting characters from the series. Using her staff from Adventures she could open up a new moveset utilizing an array of magic spells and combatative staff fighting to gain her edge over the competition.

We may never know if we'll get another Super Smash Bros. in the future, so we must take advantage of every new opportunity we get to include a new character in the roster. On top of that, why not another potential female character representing the Starfox series or just Adventures as a stand-alone series?

Vote #Krystal4Smash today!


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