Mas Flow in McKinley park; Help revitalize the community

Mas Flow in McKinley park; Help revitalize the community

June 5, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Juan Toledo

Many community members do not want Mas Flow,  a Latino music festival, to happen in McKinley park. The fears and rebuttals of bringing this event to McKinley park include the following: 

  1. The destruction of our park which has been described as a devastation and as irreparable. 

    To start, a festival does not mean a park will be destroyed to a point of devastation and being irreparable. Let’s take a look at other examples besides what is given. Considering this on a bigger scale, but regardless a possibility, Lollapalooza host their massive event each year, and year after year the park opens up within a couple of weeks, not months. If this can be done on such a large scale, then it can be done in McKinley park as well. Now, this doesn’t mean that we won’t hold the event  producers accountable. Simple solutions to having this done in a timely manner is for our alderman, who grants the permit, to hold a security deposit for the event in order to insure it gets done quickly and efficiently. 
  2. The comparison between previous festivals at Douglas park to a festival that has not occurred yet.            
    Comparing a new event put up by new companies/ producers cannot be a way to judge new opportunities to revitalize McKinley park. We can compare the success Harrison park has had hosting festivals while preserving their park to what McKinley park can only hope to accomplish. It is possible to have a successful event at our parks without compromising them. All it takes is assurance from the event creators, not promises. 

3. The limitation of a weekend festival on summer camp events and “obstacles”

A weekend festival may obscure summer camp events for a weekend, but the revenue it will generate for the community will allow our park to make upgrades that will benefit children for years to come. The McKinley park community has much to gain and little to lose with bringing a festival to our community. Let’s take a second to think about what else the community has to attract people from outside of the neighborhood. Mas Flow has the opportunity to help bring more consumer traffic to our beloved neighborhood. 

4. Being worried about getting a good nights sleep

The city of Chicago has a noise ordinance that limits festivals such as this to 10pm. Your good night sleep will not be disturbed.

5. Not wanting for profit entities to “abuse our parks”. 

The company putting up Mas Flow is a non-profit. Not only are they a non-profit, but Grass Roots is a Chicago based production company. They strive to promote local artist, vendors, and businesses, and also donate a percentage of each event proceeds to other local non-profits. They have successful put up the Michelada fest, and house fest in pilsen while preserving Harrison park year after year. 

McKinley park has had an influx of new members, and an increase in property and community value. The deprivation of business along 35th street and the unwillingness to bring new and exciting events to the community will hinder new growth and revenue generation for years to come. We need to be able to adapt and keep an open mind in order for our community to keep growing. Grass Roots has successfully put up festivals at Harrison park and have successfully and quickly turned around the park area to insure community satisfaction. 

Please support the growing interest our community has created and insure the future growth of our community. 

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Signatures: 117Next Goal: 200
Support now