Eliminate Disinfecting Wipes From Marysville, OH Schools

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Disinfecting wipes are a common item listed on the supply lists. These wipes are registered with the EPA as a pesticide and contain harmful chemicals. The chemicals in these wipes are specifically not recommended for use around children. Yet, every year we are told to purchase them. Harmful effects can include skin irritation, respiratory problems and eye irritation, to name a few.

Children are especially susceptible to these effects being that they're still developing. Not to mention children with compromised immune systems and developmental delays. I firmly believe that their learning environment safety is harmed when these products are used because our children are being exposed to chemicals.

When these wipes are used, they are leaving a chemical residue on the surfaces our children then touch. Most times, these wipes are not being used properly to even be effective. I know that for most schools, staff are most likely not required to learn how to use them properly. Simply reading the fine print on the back of the packaging will explain that enough wipes need to be used to leave the surface completely wet for 4 minutes (sometimes more depending upon the brand). This means that if the surface begins to dry after 3 minutes, the surface was not disinfected. Therefore, no germs or bacteria were eliminated and our children are exposed to harmful chemicals anyway.

There are safer and effective alternatives to using these wipes. I will spare you the college research paper (though I am happy to provide you with my findings and research if you desire). However, in brief, research has shown that just water and soap are enough to effectively clean surfaces. Also, good old microfiber cloths "mechanically" remove everything from the surface with just water alone. Not only are these methods safer and most times more effective, they are a huge cost savings and better for the environment.

There are other schools across the country that are leading the way by banning disinfecting wipes from their supply lists for the very fact that they are not safe to use around children. Academy School District 20 in Colorado Springs has stopped using disinfecting wipes. (http://www.koaa.com/story/34712783/d20-removes-disinfecting-wipes-from-schools Parents were so concerned, they contact the Department of Agriculture and eventually the EPA got involved.

I have already contacted the Union County Health Department to gain information on their role with the schools. I have learned that it is limited. Also, there are no laws or regulations to what type of cleaners are to be used. This tells me a few things. 1. They are not required to use any certain type of cleaner- whether chemical or not. 2. There is no protocol for educating staff on how to properly and safely use these wipes to be effective. 


My hope is our schools would follow suit. I know that there is power in numbers. I also know that not everyone is conscious about the chemicals in our products and you may think that I am being extreme. But I encourage you to do your own research. These are our schools and our children. I don't expose them to harmful chemicals at home and I would love to see the same at school! THANK YOU so much for helping in this cause!! 

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