Extend the on campus Teach-Out at Marylhurst University for one full year.

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The current students of Marylhurst require a one year, on campus Teach-Out plan. Alumni have voiced their support for this petition.

A one year, on campus Teach-Out Plan will allow the majority of students to finish their degrees. Students cannot reasonably be expected to pack the necessary coursework of several terms into a single Summer Term. Certain degree programs require six month internships/practicum that are arranged through Marylhurst University -- these will be nearly impossible to orchestrate if Marylhurst closes before the internship is finished (or as in some cases, before the internship is officially started). Students need this one year Teach-Out Plan to include the full-time teaching faculty and the student services that define the current standards and quality of Marylhurst's academic programs.

Without a one year, on campus Teach-Out Plan, most students will be left with debt for unfinished degrees. Many will face insurmountable financial straits.

A one year, on campus Teach-Out Plan is the least that the Marylhurst University Board of Trustees and President Melody Rose can do to ensure the decision they made will not erase the futures that current students have worked so hard to build for themselves.