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Petitioning Maryland Wiretap Law

Maryland State Police: Rid the Wiretap Law

Maryland has a wiretapping law that denies anyone the right to videotape a law officer in the line of duty, no matter the situation. If you are stopped by a state trooper for a traffic stop they may record you on video and sound, but it is a crime for you to do it. It's the same if you view the swat or riot police break up a fight or a riot. If you record them, it is illegal, which is stupid because the police usually harass and abuse the people they stop. 


I find this stupid and it should be legal under our 1st amendment rights to record the police in the line of duty. Please sign to help me out.



Years ago a man named Anthony Graber was riding on his motorcycle with a helmet camera attached. He was speeding and got caught. Later he got cut off by an unmarked car and an unmarked state trooper came out and took his gun out and told him to get off the bike. Around 5 seconds later the man identified himself as the state police.


Later Anthony put the video on Youtube and the trooper found out. The trooper got a search warrant and the police took all his cameras, hard drives, computers and more.


When it went to court he was found guilty and got arrested. This is unfair and should be announced to the public that the police are doing this.  If I get a certain amount of signitures then I will send this to the Supreme Court to try ro overrule this Maryland law.


You may see the video of the chase here:

Letter to
Maryland Wiretap Law
I am currently a Criminal Justice major at a college in Maryland. I am writing this petition to Governor Martin O’Malley to change or even get rid of the wiretapping law that states that no one may record the police without their consent. I am trying to change this so that the public knows the real side of the police and how they treat us in real situations. Not like the show Cops. And under our 1st amendment right we should be able to record the police and put their work on the internet to be seen by everyone.
Right know if the police find any video of policing taking place that is taken by an un-authorized party they may get a search warrant and the police may seize your computers, hard drives, cameras, and more! This is crazy and stupid.

So please help Maryland out and change the Wiretapping law.

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