Stand with Nicola, parent fired for standing up against transphobia in Frederick schools

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In May 2018 Nicola van Kuilenburg was fired from her job with the Maryland State Education Association after she asked Frederick County Public Schools to not use the slur ‘tranny’ in a school play her son was going to see. Her employer, MSEA, argued that it is a conflict of interest for their staff to advocate for safe and affirming schools for transgender youth in general, and for their employees to want their own children to be safe and affirmed at school. She was also disciplined because GLSEN Maryland reached out to the school involved to discuss working together to help LGBT students.

By firing Nicola they sent a strong message that the organization believes it's more important for their staff to defend an educator's right to harm vulnerable and marginalized kids over protecting youth from bullying and stigmatization from adults and peers.

This is unacceptable.  We therefore call on MSEA to reinstate Nicola IMMEDIATELY. Nicola is a nationally known and well respected parent advocate and she has worked tirelessly for safe schools. Her family's efforts were vital to the passage of one of the most inclusive policies protecting transgender youth in the US. A policy that MSEA has taken credit for helping to pass, but apparently is unwilling to defend. Nicola is a single mother and the cruel actions of her employer threatens the safety and wellbeing of her family.


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