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Keep Antibiotics Effective

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Maryland legislators have introduced legislation to restrict the use of human antibiotics in animal agriculture. In the United States, up to 70 percent of human antibiotics are sold for use on farms. Too often, antibiotics are fed to animals that are not even sick, just to compensate for crowded or unsanitary conditions. This irresponsible use of antibiotics breeds bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. These “superbugs” make their way into our communities through the air, water and soil; from the manure and urine of livestock; from flies and other insects; and from contaminated meat and other foods.

This is contributing to a public health crisis that affects us all. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that every year in the United States:

  • At least 2 million people become infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics;
  • At least 23,000 people die from antibiotic-resistant bacteria;
  • We lose at least $55-70 billion a year due to excess hospital costs and lost worker productivity.

Health professionals use antibiotics to treat everything from simple infections like strep throat, to more serious and life-threatening illnesses like pneumonia and MRSA. 

We care about the health of you and your family. Antibiotic resistance impacts 1 in 161 people in the state of Maryland, even healthy people. If you want to keep antibiotics working, sign this petition and let legislators know that this is important to you. 

Please let your legislators know that you support bills to reign in this abuse of antibiotics.

The bills were introduced by: Senator Paul Pinsky; Senator Shirley Nathan-Pulliam R.N.; Delegate Shane Robinson; and Delegate Clarence Lam, M.D. and are supported by dozens of groups including: medical professional associations, environmental and animal rights groups, labor unions, business owners, and farmers.


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