Marylanders Demand the Resignation of Department of Labor Secretary Tiffany P. Robinson

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The citizens of Maryland demand the resignation of Maryland Department of Labor Secretary Tiffany P. Robinson. The Maryland Unemployment Insurance program is broken. Hundreds of thousands of Marylanders have been negatively affected by her incompetence and failure to properly lead the Maryland Division of Unemployment Insurance during this pandemic. The Beacon web portal continues to be an abysmal failure with incorrect, often changing data, the absence of weekly Webcerts, the phone lines are constantly busy, and thousands of Marylanders still have not been paid their Pandemic Unemployment Assistance monies.

Further, Secretary Robinson's testimony before the House committee on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 was riddled with misstatements and misrepresentations. To clarify Secretary Robinson falsely testified that funds under the Cares Act were allocated within required 21 days of receipt when federal funds were actually allocated after 4/24/2020. She also stated that the DLLR phone system was properly fielding and routing calls without disconnecting or canceling out callers when many people testified in the Maryland General Assembly’s Taxation and Budget Committee shows that the DLLR telephone system does in fact remain perpetually busy and continuously disconnects and drop calls. Secretary Robinson also failed to be forthcoming with data and time stamps on action items regarding the Beacon One Stop system and its mounting issues during the hearing.

Tiffany Robinson's office has left thousands of Marylanders with no real answers and continues to challenge the mental health of those that try to navigate the system. Many placing hundreds of phone calls just to never get through, be placed on continuous hold or worse waiting for assistance for up to four hours only to be told the person can't help them and the line being disconnected. This is critical assistance to an already vulnerable community that leads to devastating consequences for their mental, physical and financial well-being.

As such, we demand the resignation of Secretary Robinson and that she be replaced with an effective leader so that the unemployed citizens of Maryland can finally move forward during this pandemic. We also demand an investigation into Secretary Robinson's management of her agency during this crisis. Finally, we demand the DLLR to compensate all unemployment assistance applicants without further delay and provide new, more efficient alternatives to communicate with applicants.