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Fire Baltimore Police Officers Thomas Schmidt and Jeffrey Bolger for Slitting the Throat of a Safely Detained Dog

Two police officers in Baltimore have been suspended after authorities say they slit the throat of a Shar-Pei that had broken free from her owner's backyard and that had reportedly bitten a stranger. The dog, Nala, was seven years old.

The dog belonged to Sarah Gossard, who told police that Nala had slipped through a gate in her backyard, after which it was discovered by a woman who tried to get the dog home. The dog then reportedly bit the woman, resulting in a superficial wound. The woman then called police.

According to the charging documents in the case, Officer Thomas Schmidt and Officer Jeffrey Bolger responded to the call.

As Bolger got out of the police truck, a witness overheard him say, "I'm going to [expletive] gut this thing," the police report said.

Schmidt and Bolger struggled to get the dog under control, and Palmere said they had the dog restrained, tethered to the dog-control pole. Witnesses told police Schmidt held the dog on the ground while they saw Bolger slit its throat.

Police said that the knife used wasn't issued by the department. Officer Schmidt was placed on paid administrative leave while Officer Bolger, who is allegedly responsible for killing the dog, was released on "his own recognizance Thursday morning after being charged the night before with aggravated animal cruelty, animal cruelty and malfeasance in office." He has been suspended without pay.

Letter to
Maryland State House
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We, the signers of this petition, ask that you permanently and immediately terminate from employment Baltimore Police Department (BPD) Officers Thomas Schmidt and Jeffrey Bolger for Participating in the Purposeful, Intentionally Cruel Act of Slitting the Throat of a Safely Detained, Privately-Owned Dog (if found Guilty of these formal charges following a fair internal and external investigation).

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