Why Monorails for Maryland

Why Monorails for Maryland

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The High Road Foundation, Inc started this petition to Maryland Government and

Our region’s traffic is intolerable - to solve it, we must think out of the box.  We need to look beyond expanding impervious surfaces which cause storm water issues polluting our rivers and the Chesapeake Bay and look beyond the automobile which contributes 13% of the air pollution in the DC Metro area. We need mass transit.

The United States has overlooked one specific mass transit mode, Monorail. This is a proven technology, operating in 49 locations internationally for the past 50 years on a reliable cost effective basis.

****Monorail is NOT Exotic like MagLev and Hyperloop. It is simply another existing proven technology we have not taken seriously as a transit mode in the United States

****Monorail has no storm water footprint. It has a very minor impervious surface area and does not create storm water like road surfaces do

****Monorail is constructed off site and erected at night reducing disturbance to existing traffic

****Monorail reuses existing right of way so it does not require the cost associated with land acquisition 

****Monorail can be built faster than any other transportation mode because it does NOT require the delay associated with land condemnation and acquisition  

****Monorail carries as many passengers per hour per direction as Heavy rail Metro/Marc

****Monorail has historically operated at a 99.93% reliability in Asia

****Monorail is one third the cost of Metro rail per mile to construct

****Ridership Studies assumed a standard Metro fare between Frederick and Red Line of $5.00

****Monorail is segregated from automobile traffic and pedestrians and unaffected by bad weather, it is RELIABLE, the most important element of a transit mode.

The US Transportation Engineers simply missed this transit mode. It was built in the United States as an amusement ride at the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair and in 1964 at  Disney Orlando, each traveling only one way, back and forth or in a loop. Modern Monorail systems travel in both directions. as any true transit mode. 

We can’t continue to try to fix our traffic problems with the same technology we used to create the problem. Public Officials have tried that and have shown us it is environmentally unsound.

Monorail can environmentally fix the traffic problem for 50 years or more so that we do not need to go back through this process over and over as population grows.

As ground for transportation corridors becomes scarce, Monorail will be the GoTo Transit mode of the Future, it effectively recycles ground we already own. 

Please sign the petition - let’s show Governor Hogan that the monorail has public support. Begin the fix of our traffic nightmare with your support on the petition.

And Please watch the video on the website

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!