More school funding for our kids in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma ranks 50th in teacher pay and we are currently a state with the highest funding cuts to education. Mary Fallin did sign a bill giving Oklahoma teachers a $6,100 raise and $50 million to the education fund, but that is clearly not enough. Our kids do not have text books to bring home to do homework, adequate furniture, curriculum that is over 10 years old(that's right our kids don't even learn with current curriculum) and our legislators and Governor Fallin have stated that they've done enough with what's been given and our teachers need to quit "acting like teenagers who want a better car" say thank you and go back to the classroom. Enough is enough our teachers, support staff and students deserve so much better than this. Please sign the petition so we can get it to our Capitol and see real results. We can't go back to the classroom until our government does their job.

Thank you!

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