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Oklahoma Non Emergency Service Taskforce

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Whereas. Stretcher aid services no longer meet the criteria found to be regulated by the Oklahoma State Health Department, found in subchapter 15 of the Emergency Medical Services rules and regulations book 310:641-15-2 part (d).  Persons and companies that limit the interventions and activities of their staff to CPR FIRST AID and AED are not required to become a certified emergency medical response agency.  Under this rule Oklahoma State Health Department can not and should not regulate a staff that is not required by chapter 17 of the same book 310:641-17-11 to have medical direction and furthermore is forbidden to carry drugs including oxygen and the scope of practice being limited to AED CPR and First Aid,,,,,, Oklahoma State Health Department can no longer oversee these agencies without creating a conflict in its own rule book.

Section One:  To solve this issue a task force will be created this year.  The Oklahoma Non Emergency Service Taskforce or ONEST.  It shall consist of one member from OSHDEMS division and one member from each company's leadership and no members of the Emergency trauma task force will be permitted in meetings until the findings are ready for review and acceptance at a public hearing for these agencies to reenter the regulatory realm of OSDEMS.

SectionTwo:  Until OSHDEMS can form and convene a hearing for ONEST to become proper members of OSHDEMS these companies will be given to the corporation commission temporarily and may operate under the 2008 rules or the current rules if they have dropped their medical director.  One inspector from OSHDEMS shall be assigned to liaison the transition. 

Section Three:  The ONEST meetings must be volunteer and private meetings that do not cost the state anything more than the time of one member of OSDHEMS division.  This member should be selected by ONEST.  Once assembled they shall have up to 30 days to create new rules or revert to the old and another 30 to present them to the council and department.  If no agreement is reached, every quarter such meetings may take place, until either an agreement that allows ONEST members to serve without conflict to the rule of law is made. Or the corporation commission endorses ONEST as a regulatory or consulting body which represents the companies and advocates for their clients.

Section Four:  From this day on any time the council decides to change stretcher aid policy it will have ONEST present.

This act shall go into effect as soon as possible so that stretcher aid may be legally regulated by OSDH or so that ONEST may regulate or be represented in proceedings alongside the corporation commission to serve Oklahomans.


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